Jeff Gau, M.S.
Co-founder and managing member of Abacus Research, is also a senior data analyst at the Oregon Research Institute. Mr. Gau has extensive experience in project management, multivariate analytic techniques, longitudinal data analysis, and survey development, and has co-authored ten peer-reviewed publications. He recieved his Master's degree from the University of Oregon with a focus on statistics

Keith Smolkowski, Ph.D.
Member of Abacus Research, is also an associate research scientist and senior data analyst at the Oregon Research Institute and a courtesy research associate at the University of Oregon. He has 20 years of experience in social science, education, and public health research and has become an expert in the design and analysis of complex research projects. His experience covers a variety of topics, but he primarily works on projects related to the academic and social behavior of children and adolescents and the research methods for tests of curricula, interventions, and other programs. Dr. Smolkowski has co-authored over 30 peer-reviewed articles and book chapters. He received his doctoral degree in Special Education and his master's degree in decision sciences and statistics, both from the University of Oregon.