Abacus Research, LLC was established in 2002 as an independent company specializing in research design, program evaluation, statistical analysis, and database management. Since inception, the company has expanded its role to include web based data collection and complex data modeling. Current clientele represent over 25 local, state, and national research and service organizations. Personnel currently include eight highly skilled staff members with graduate degrees in special education, psychology, decision science, and mathematics.

Abacus Research strives to promote excellence in scientific research and program evaluation. We seek to enter into collaborative partnerships with researchers and service providers in education and behavioral sciences by providing professional research design, data collection, data analysis, and database development and management services.

We value strong theoretical, technically sound, and efficient research and evaluation solutions. We strive for strong, open, collaborative relationships with our clients. We encourage honest, open communication, teamwork, and collaborative decision making. We endeavor to provide an enjoyable and professionally challenging work environment for our staff. Most of all, we value our clients' research and service goals, their pursuit of scientific excellence, and their work toward improving the quality of human life.