Rate Structure Policy
Abacus Research, LLC has created a multi-tiered rate structure that corresponds to current market rates and labor costs for specific activities. This system gives our clients greater flexibility in utilizing our services while improving transparency in billing and the accuracy of our budget proposals. Abacus Research, LLC reserves to right to determine which rate tier applies to any activity not specifically listed here. All rates are subject to change without prior notice.

For large projects, or for projects that require FTE rates or a breakdown of direct and indirect rates, Abacus will prepare a comprehensive budget proposal. We will negotiate custom rates specific to each project’s requirements.

Should Abacus use the services of outside experts to complete part of a project, we will pass through the same hourly rate or fixed dollar amount our vendor charges, plus a ten percent mark-up for administration. Outsourcing will only be used with the prior approval of the client.

Tier 1: $45 per hour
Data Collection, Data Entry, or Data Documentation

Tier 2: $65 per hour
Survey Instrument Design, Sample Selection, Data Summaries and Descriptive Statistics, Report Writing, Database Management

Tier 3: $80 per hour
Web-based Database Programming, Design, and Implementation

Tier 4: $115 per hour
Research Planning or Design, Statistical Analyses, Data Modeling, Grant Proposal Writing, Manuscript Preparation, Project Management, and Instruction.