Recourse Policy
Our goal is meet or exceed the expectations of our clients as well as any of the obligations stated in a contractual agreement. We strive to create a collaborative environment in which our clients give us input and feedback throughout the course of a project. Our typical quality control process is outlined below:

  • Collaborate with the client on the specific project goals, expectations and deliverables
  • Over the course of project, give the client periodic updates on progress
  • Seek feedback from the client on the timeliness, scope, and quality of progress
  • Submit initial draft of deliverable(s)
  • Seek feedback on the timeliness, scope, and quality of the deliverable(s)
  • Submit final version of all deliverables

If the final deliverable does not meet the client’s expectations or requirements, Abacus Research representatives will meet face-to-face with stakeholders to identify specific grievances. The Abacus management team will then create and submit a proposal to address each grievance. Once we have reached an agreement on any changes, Abacus will prepare and submit the revised deliverables. If an agreement can not be reached, we will seek the services of a mutually agreed upon mediator in Lane County, Oregon and will share the cost of these services equally with the client.