Data Collection
The proper data collection plan and instruments can save time and money by increasing participation rates and reducing errors. Abacus Research can create instruments, administer assessments through multiple methods and create a database to manage the data collected.

Survey Instruments

  • Scannable Documents. Paper instruments for mailing or in‐person collection, formatted so that results are scanned and entered into a database automatically.
  • Web‐Based. An interactive survey instrument that is accessible via an open hyperlink or a specific link emailed to each participant. Results are encrypted and protected for security purposes.
  • Computer‐Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI) with skip logic. Software designed to assist trained interviewers conduct surveys over the phone.
  • Backwards/Forwards Spanish Translation. Translation for Spanish-English or English-spanish for survey instruments and interviewing.

Participant Assessment

  • Sample Selection Simple random selections • Stratified random samples
  • Multiple Methods Phone Interviews • Online Surveys • Mailed Surveys • On‐site Interviews

Database Creation.Create a web‐based or stand‐alone database designed to collect and manage your data.

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