Grant Proposal Writing
A strong and complete grant proposal increases the chances of your project being successfully funded. Abacus Research can help you write your proposal's method sections, including research design, sample selection, analytic plan, and power analysis.

Data Collection
The proper data collection plan and instruments can save time and money by increasing participation rates and reducing errors. Abacus Research can create instruments, administer assessments through multiple methods and create a database to manage the data collected.

Data Processing
Abacus Research can enter, score, summarize, and document the data that you have collected in an efficient, accurate, and secure manner.

Data Analysis
Accurate and appropriate data analysis is vital for obtaining valid and meaningful study results. We have extensive experience with an array of statistical methods from basic descriptive analysis to complex modeling. We will work with you to choose the method that is most appropriate for your project.

Report Writing
Abacus Research can provide reports based on the specific needs of your project.

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